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Most small businesses don’t offer retirement plans to their employees. We get it – it’s expensive, it’s difficult, it takes time and there’s risk involved. But it’s one of the easiest ways for employees to start saving – and it’s a great way to attract and keep employees, especially in an ever-changing job market.

Offering retirement solutions allow you to not only help your employees prepare for their future, but secure yours, as the employer, as well.

Designed with small businesses in mind.

Through the SCRS, you have access to cost-effective retirement plans designed with your small business needs in mind. Our retirement solutions not only reduce costs and administrative burdens but also help mitigate fiduciary risks.

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Key Advantages
Employee Contributions
Employer Contributions


For:Self-employed individuals or your employees
Funded By:Funded by employee only
Key Advantages:Easy to set up and maintain
No employer contribution required
Employee Contributions:Up to $6,000 in pre-tax contributions
($7,000 if age 50 or older)
Employer Contributions:No Employer Contribution


For:Employer/Employees of a public or private company
Funded By:Co-Funded by employer and employees
Key Advantages:Easy to set up and maintain benefits for both the employer and the employee
Tax saving for employer
Lower cost fee structure
Reduced fiduciary liability
Employee Contributions:Up to $19,000 in employee contribution
($25,000 if age 50 or older)
Employer Contributions:Employer may match or provide profit sharing

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Are you, as the employer, able to contribute to your employees’ retirement?

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How involved in the administration of the plan do you wish to be?

Very little Some is fine

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How much are you and/or your employees able to invest yearly?

Up to $5,500 Up to $18,500

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You may consider an IRA.

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) takes retirement benefits off your mind and put them in your employees’ hands, with no setup fees or contributions required from you. Your employee can easily enroll in 5 minutes with as little as $5 to start. The Decisely IRA puts your employees in control of their money and their future.

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You may consider an ARP 401(k).

An Association Retirement Plan 401(k) plan helps you prepare for your future, while helping your employees prepare for theirs. This employer-sponsored plan is a win/win for everyone involved. The Decisely 401(k) is a simple and effective way to offer your employees retirement benefits with lower fees and reduced fiduciary liability to you and maximize tax savings for your business.

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Want to see another option? Learn about our IRA.

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